The Pizza Steel:

IMPORTANT:  Your PizzaSteel will arrive in wrapped ANTI-Rust paper, and should stay wrapped in this paper until you plan on using your PizzaSteel for the first time.

1st USE:

  1. Tun on your oven to maximum temperature
  2. Treat both sides of your your PizzaSteel with a fine thin layer of pure olive oil.  Use a dry piece of cloth remove any excess oil from the PizzaSteel
  3. Place the steel on your baking wire rack and place it in your oven
  4. Let it "bake" for 60 minutes @ maximum temperature (250-275 degrees celcius) - it's normal for the oil to smell burnt during the baking process.
  5. You can now prepare your first pizza, bread, etc. on a piece of baking paper and use the Combi Peel to slide onto your Pizza Steel.

2nd and 3rd USE:

  1. Repeat above steps, treating your PizzaSteel with oil before use.

After 3rd USE:

By now your PizzaSteel should have a nice dark colour, and the initial oil treatment is finished, We recommend that you treat it with oil from time to time, whenever your PizzaSteel starts to look "dry".

Cleaning instructions:

We always recommend using baking paper, as this reduces cleaning to a minimum and makes the transfer from peel to stell very easy.  If your steel gets dirty, the high temperature should turn any food residue into coal dust, which can be removed with a hard brush.  If you use soap and water on your steel, please make sure to let it dry in a warm oven afterward, to ensure that it has completely dried before storing it.  NEVER USE A DISHWASHER.

TIP: Once your Pizzasteel is clean and reay to store away, wipe a small amount of olice oil to prevent any corrosion.  Should any rust appear, just remove it and repeat the oil treatment as described above.

Any questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us:

The Combi Peel:

  • The Combi Peel is made of solid aluminium.
  • Aluminium is a lightweight, sturdy material.
  • It isn’t, however, scratch proof, so finding some markings on your Combi Peel when unboxing it is to be expected and will in no way influence its baking capabilities. In time, after extensive use, it will change from a glossy to a matte surface. Again – this will not in any way influence your baking results.
  • Cleaning the Combi Peel is easy: simply place it in plenty of water and let it soak for a while, before removing any dough.
  • Remember that aluminium (and the same applies to tin foil) must never come into direct contact with acidic foods. This is because the acid will destroy the aluminium, releasing bad stuff from it into the acidic foods. If you remember this rule there is absolutely no reason to be concerned.