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Combo 1


The Pizza Steel + 2 Pizza Peels + The Dough Cutter

Only 93.6 CHF (full price: 156 CHF) 

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..or our Steel + Peel combo

Combo 2


The Pizza Steel + The Pizza Peel

 Only 85 CHF (You save 21 CHF) 


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The Pizza Steel

Benefits compared to an ordinary pizza stone

  • Steel stores and leads energy (heat) about 20 times better than stone. With steel, you can bake, and bake.. and bake for hours while the steel maintains the perfect temperature.

  • The Pizza Steel is ready for action after only 45 minutes of preheating, while baking stones often take up to 90 minutes before they reaching peak temperature.

  • The Pizza Steel is virtually unbreakable and comes with a 10 year "it won't break" warranty!

  • If you take care of your Pizza Steel (read more about maintenance here), it will be your loyal companion for a lifetime.

  • You can also use the plate for keeping food cold while serving at the table. Just place The Pizza Steel in the freezer before use, and it will keep cool for hours while your guests enjoy your cold servings.

Available in three sizes:

  • 30x40x0.6 cm,
  • 34.5x40x0.6 cm  
  • Ø35x0.6 cm (disc)


79 CHF

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The Combi Peel

Our peel is made of 1.5 mm hardened aluminium, and is designed to match The Pizza Steel perfectly.

The Combi Peel comes in two sizes:

  • 30x40x0.15 cm, 460 g
  • 34.5x40x0.15 cm, 510 g

It has two uses:

  1. Rising plate – It is very practical to have several plates available when letting your shaped buns or bread rise a final time before they enter the oven. Cut a piece of baking paper in a size fitting The Combi Peel, and place the buns, bread or pizza on the plate. Leave them to rise a final time, and then let the baking paper with dough glide onto The Pizza Steel.

  2. Pizza peel/bread paddle – After you have used The Combi Peel as a peel/paddle a few times, you will probably wonder why on earth no one else has thought of designing a peel like this for the home oven. You can use both hands on The Combi Peel, giving you superb control of your peel and making it easier to master the movements required to slide the dough onto The Pizza Steel. The traditional peel with a long handle was designed for deep stone ovens. Ours is designed for home oven use.

 27 CHF

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The Dough Cutter

Made of stainless steel, weight: 231 g

The Dough Cutter will help you create "Italian" bread rolls, baguettes and breads. 

To get the most out of your Pizza Steel, you will need to work with dough that has a higher percentage of water than you are probably used to.

From 8:10 (800 gram water to 1000 gram flour) up to a 1:1 ratio.

The Dough Cutter was designed for this.

Part of the secret behind the soft bread you know from your local bakery is that it was made with a wet dough.

Since it is nearly impossible to handle the wet dough with your bare hands, we designed The Dough Cutter to help you “cut out” your bread, buns, and baguettes into portions before baking them on the Pizza Steel.

23 CHF

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