The Peel

The Combi Peel

The Combi Peel

Our peel is made of 1 mm hardened aluminium, and is designed to match The Pizza Steel perfectly.

The Combi Peel comes in two sizes:

  • 30x40x0.15 cm, 460 g
  • 34.5x40x0.15 cm, 510 g

It has two uses:

  1. Rising plate – It is very practical to have several plates available when letting your shaped buns or bread rise a final time before they enter the oven. Cut a piece of baking paper in a size fitting The Combi Peel, and place the buns, bread or pizza on the plate. Leave them to rise a final time, and then let the baking paper with dough glide onto The Pizza Steel.
  2. Pizza peel/bread paddle – After you have used The Combi Peel as a peel/paddle a few times, you will probably wonder why on earth no one else has thought of designing a peel like this for the home oven. You can use both hands on The Combi Peel, giving you superb control of your peel and making it easier to master the movements required to slide the dough onto The Pizza Steel. The traditional peel with a long handle was designed for deep stone ovens. Ours is designed for home oven use.