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Make professional-grade pizzas and bread at home!  

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Steel is about 18 times better at absorbing, storing and transferring energy (heat) than stone.
This is the "secret" behind the incredible baking power of our pizza stone of steel. Your pizza will develop a spring and crust as if it came out of an expensive wood-fired stone oven, and your bread, bread rolls, and baguettes will get a similar "kick" from the steel, finally enabling you to compete with your local bakery!

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Our Steel is made to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes and excite the senses…
Take a look at this short video:

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...and it is not only excellent for pizzas

Do you know the feeling, when you pull a perfect loaf of bread out of your oven? Perfect crust, perfect spring, just like you know it from your favorite bakery? If not, then The Pizza Steel can help you experience such moments and share the results with the ones you love.

The Pizza Steel took our baking to another level, and we are sure it will be the same for you!

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The unique pizza stone that survives a BBQ!

The Pizza Steel is form stable up to 700 °C and works perfectly with a gas fired BBQ since you will be able to manage the extreme heat by turning off the gas while the pizza is on the steel. When used on a coal-fired BBQ, it is best not to place the coal directly underneath the steel, or wait until the temperature is right, unless you prefer your pizzas charred :-).

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A Pizza Stone that is indestructible?

Have you ever experienced that frustrating moment, when your new expensive pizza stone breaks into two or more pieces?

With The Pizza Steel, you will never ever experience this again.

We give you a 10 year long "it definitely won't break" guarantee on The Pizza Steel. 
It will most likely last a lifetime or two anyway.

A time of discovery…

Pizza Steel on Super Golden Bakes

Food lovers around the world are discovering the incredible power of The Pizza Steel.

The above photo was taken by one of Britains best food bloggers, Lucy Parissi from Super Golden Bakes. You can also enjoy the mouthwatering photos from the review on

Create a perfect crust in your own oven! 

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Depending on the size you pick, your parcel will weigh 6-7 kilos when it arrives. Together with baking enthusiasts around the country, we have done a lot of testing before settling on the current sizes and thicknesses.

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The only baking steel shipped from Switzerland

The Pizza Steel is designed and produced in Denmark, but your order will be handled exclusively by Miclassa GmbH, and shipped to you from our fulfillment facility in Switzerland. Easy, fast and convenient.

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Door to door delivery - Free returns 

If you're still in doubt, our 30 days free return policy should certainly give you peace of mind.

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Living in another country? 

This site is for Swiss customers only, but you're welcome to visit our sister page:, where you will be able to order your personal Pizza Steel and pay in euros

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*To apply for a free return, you have to contact us before attempting to return your parcel.